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SwingGuard Rate-of-Turn Indicators for Towboats or ATBs

  • The most inexpensive method of having the added safety of a rate-of-turn indicator on board your towboat (or ATB)
  • No costly capital out-lay - ever.
  • Units are easily installed by any pilothouse personnel
  • Simple "single unit" design allows for shipment directly to vessel, if necessary (especially useful for "back-water" operations)

For more information and rates contact:

Robbie Killen or Danny Robertson


Or email:

SwingGuard, LLC

SwingGuard Model 2b

Rate-of-Turn Indicator
for Marine Navigation
("Swing Meter" or "Swing Indicator").

Size: 6.25" high, 5" Wide, 7.5" DeepĀ 
Power: 110v A.C.